In Ayurvedic Medicine, kapha is one of three doshas, and everyone has some grouping of each of them.  I am no exception, but in many ways I identify with my kapha component, particularly when it comes to my yoga practice.  Kapha folks are larger, a bit slower, have incredible powers of endurance, and really can use the stoking of their fire through a steady and vigorous yoga practice.

As a large-bodied yogi, I have learned a lot about building a practice that I love, and I want to work with you (no matter which dosha you identify with!) to build something that will strengthen and restore you through the practice of asana.  I personally follow and promote the Health At Every Size model, which focuses on moving the body you are in, regularly and joyfully.  With warmth and good humor, I teach people of all sizes to love and accept themselves and others through the empowering practice of progressive yoga, and to create a safe haven for people to explore their limits.

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 15 years, and have had a committed practice for several years.  I received my RYT200 with Noell Clark Yoga, which was a life-altering experience, and teach Vinyasa style yoga.  Additionally, I am a certified Yoga for All instructor, which gave me additional training in modifications to make yoga accessible to every body.

In addition to doing a steady and regular yoga practice, I am the mother of two young children, a mostly stay at home mom, a librarian, an indiscriminate reader, a haphazard cook, and an accordion player in San Jose, CA.